Size Info.

Size Info.

Modern hosiery sizing can be somewhat of a lottery due to the manufacturers none standardisation e.g One companies size medium might be another companies large size, on our site we have attempted to give you as much of the manufacturers specifications as possible to enable you to make the right choice of size.

We welcome any feedback regarding sizing issues, this would help us in the future to advise our customers more accurately.

Having researched several manufacturers sizing charts, below we can give you a general guideline for your hip size and height:


         Extra Small 76-86cm / 30-34in 142-152cm / 4`8"-5`
Small 86-97cm / 34-38in 152-163cm / 5`-5`4"
Medium 97-107cm / 38-42in 164-173cm / 5`5"-5`8"
Large 109-132cm / 43-52in 165-178cm / 5`6"-5`10"
Extra Large 132cm-137cm / 54in 164-175cm /5`5"-5`9"
One Size 92cm-107cm /36-42in 157-173cm / 5`2"-5`8"



Historical Background:

The time period associated with the non-stretch vintage stockings is roughly 1943 through to the 1960`s, and ending about the time Hanes ended production in the early 1980`s. When lycra was introduced, most hosiery after this time period was designed by letters (size A,B,C,D) or simply "Small", "Medium", "Tall" and "Queen", or "Opera". This guide can be used for RHT, seamed, sandalfoot and many other styles of the period. It will work with "mesh", "flat knit" and "non run" weaves. The manufacturers of hosiery adhered to strict sizing standards in the manufacture of stockings. Elaborate testing and measuring took into account volume and many other criteria to insure sizes were accurate. Stocking sizes ranged from 8 1/2 to 13 with the next 1/2 size larger (size 9, 9 1/2, 10, 10 1/2, etc). Nine sizes in total. These sizes correspond to the length in inches of the foot section of the stocking. When a letter followed the stocking "size 9 M " for example, it read "size 9 stocking in medium length. The length designators were usually S, M, L, XL ( short, medium, long and extra long). It was not uncommon to see petite, slim, ample, and others. When no letter was written, it can be assumed to be medium.


The LEG:

This measurement will determine if you have a stocking that is a "Short, Medium, Long or Extra Long". Measure the length from the bottom of the heel to the very top of the welt. Simply pull the stocking taught, line up the heel at zero and measure the top edge of the welt. No subtraction needed. It is the actual length. There is much more nylon from heel to top so it is easy to pull too hard and obtain wrong measurements. Some welts stretch. It is best to take a stocking with a "known" length, measure it yourself and see if ypur measurements agree to test your skill.

Stocking Size Heel to Welt Length

size 8 1/2 M           28 - 29 Inches

size 9 M                  30 1/2 Inches

size 9 1/2 M           31 - 31 1/2 Inches

size 10 M                32 Inches

size 10 1/2 M         33 Inches

size 11 M                33 - 34 Inches

For "LONG"  lengths:

Add 2 inches

Example: size 10 Long starts at 34 inches and runs (sorry!) to almost 36 inches.

For " EXTRA LONG" lengths:

Add another 2 inches to the "long" lengths

Example 10 XL starts at 36 inches.